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Feng Shui for your home this Chinese New Year - Carousell Philippines Blog

Bring luck and prosperity to your home in the Year of...

Chinese New Year is upon us, and it looks to be a special one. 2020's Chinese New Year (January 25, 2020 - a Saturday)...
Spring Cleaning Tips - Carousell Philippines Blog

Be happier living your best life with smart spring-cleaning

"I love cleaning and doing household chores!" said no one ever.  And so many of us have disagreements about chores (80%, according to this US-centric...
Money-making opportunities in your own home - Carousell PH Blog

Is That “Passive Income” Resolution Achievable?

We've all been thinking about how to attain that elusive "passive income".Ideally, it should be as easy as possible. We've got tips for you on our blog.
2020 Vision for 2020 Resolutions - Carousell Philippines Blog

You made those New Year Resolutions – now are you prepared...

As inspiring as they can get, New Year Resolutions are often amazing and huge changes to ourselves and lifestyles. but this could set us up for failure. How do we start, and how do we stick to it?
Decluttering for the New Year - Items you can let go - Carousell PH Blog

Things You Can Let Go When You Welcome The New Year

Start the new year right and declutter your home. Here are some ideas on what you can let go and sell on Carousell so you can earn extra money too!
How to Get The Best Price for Your Secondhand Car - Carousell PH Blog

How to Get The Best Price for Your Secondhand Car

When selling your car, you'd want to get the highest price possible for it. We've got tips so you can get the best price when you sell your secondhand car.
5 Things Every First Time Home Buyer Should Consider - Carousell Philippines Blog

6 Things Every First Time Home Buyer Should Consider

If it's your first-time buying a property, take note of these tips and things you need to consider to ensure a smooth transaction when finding a new home.
5 Common Mistakes A First-Time Home Seller To Avoid - Carousell Philippines Blog

5 Common Mistakes A First-Time Home Seller Should Avoid

Are you a first time property seller? Make the most out of your real estate transactions by avoiding these common mistakes by first-time home sellers.

Checklist: Inspecting a Secondhand Car

Buying a secondhand car? You should make sure you know what to check before you finalize your deal. Here's a checklist of what to inspect in a preloved car.
Why Should You Invest in a Condo - Carousell PH Blog

Why Should You Invest in a Condo?

Can't decide if you should invest in a condominium here in the Philippines? Here are 5 reasons why you should.