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Thinking of Buying a Condo in the Philippines? Here is a list of the...

The Philippines is a favorable location for real-estate investment as it boasts stunning beaches and high-standard modern conveniences. But as with any other country,...
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New Carousell Property Home Screen: Enjoy a Better House-Hunting Experience

The new Carousell Property Home Screen takes you one step closer to finding the perfect home - for a better, easier and more intentional search experience.
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Real Property Tax: Guide on How to Pay Real Estate Tax in the Philippines

Becoming a property owner is a privilege that not everyone has and it is a huge achievement in one’s life. Although there are certainly...
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Home Budget Calculator: What house can I afford on my salary?

Use this home budget calculator to determine your recommended budget for buying your home. Simply key in how much you (and your partner/ co-buyer,...
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5 Home Seller Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you a first time property seller? Make the most out of your real estate transactions by avoiding these common mistakes by first-time home sellers.
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Is Investing in Apartments and Condos in Quezon City Worth It?

Investing in property is a great way to make money on a long-term basis. It is one of the most stable investments that you...
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Property Rental Tips for Landlords: During and After COVID-19

Here’s how you can secure the future of your rental property investments in the new normal.
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Manila vs. Cebu: Where Should You Buy a Property?

When you’re buying property, there are different elements that you need to think about to ensure that the purchase is worth it. One of...

Benefits of taking a home loan in the Philippines

One pivotal milestone in every Filipino’s life is achieving the dream of having one’s own home. Home loans can help you achieve your dream.
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Tips for First Time Home Buyers to Consider (Philippines)

If it's your first-time buying a property, take note of these tips and things you need to consider to ensure a smooth transaction when finding a new home.