Property Buying Quiz: What’s your homebuyer personality?

Property Buying Quiz: What's your homebuyer personality? - Carousell Philippines

The most common priorities for Filipinos looking to buy a property are price and location. Take the property buying quiz below to find out what you should be looking for in a home based on your homebuyer personality!

Property Buying Quiz: What’s your homebuyer personality?

Check out each of the home buyer personalities below and see which properties we recommend for them!


The adventure-seeker

Property Buying Quiz: Adventure Seeker - Carousell Philippines

You value relationships that are fun and encourage growth. You’re always down for an adventure, but at the end of the day, you find comfort in coming home to a place full of familiarity and warmth.

Try searching for homes that are… in more contemporary cities like Makati or Quezon City, where it’s equal parts happening and homey. Even if you’ve just started adulting, you’ll find plenty of options here for below 5,000,000 PHP. Bonus: These districts are fast-growing, which means there’s plenty of profit potential as well!

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The nurturer

Property Buying Quiz: The Nurturer - Carousell Philippines

You value meaningful relationships and are willing to invest lots of energy and loyalty in the people you hold dear. That’s because you’re forward-planning, and you know these guys are going to be keepers in your life!

Try searching for homes that are… at the heart of it all. That’s right, homes in Manila itself. Being close to work or your child’s school means you’ve got plenty more quality time for the things and people who matter!

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The boss (the fun one)

Property Buying Quiz: The Boss - Carousell Philippines

You believe in working smart and playing hard. You’re tenacious when it comes to achieving your goals in life, but you also know when to let loose and enjoy the little things.

Try searching for homes that are… areas like Rockwell Center in Makati, where it’s equal parts chic and cosy, or Fort Bonifacio in Taguig, where a community of start-ups, local and international companies are aplenty.

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The go-getter

Property Buying Quiz: The Go-getter - Carousell Philippines

You’re all about working smart over working hard, and you’re always the one with the solution (Let’s not get into who’s the one giving you all the problems…). You’re a go-getter, so being able to recharge in the place you call home is extremely important.

Try searching for homes that are… in contemporary cities like Quezon City or Marikina if you prefer Northern Metro Manila, or Makati or Taguig if you prefer Southern Metro Manila. Condos here are relatively affordable, so you’ll be able to find a property that you reaaaally love without breaking the bank. Start by searching with a budget of about 5,000,000 PHP.

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The extrovert

Property Buying Quiz: The Extrovert - Carousell Philippines

You’re the one most often in the spotlight when among your social circle. When it comes to building a family and a home, you want a partner-in-crime who can set big goals together with you, and give you affirmation along the way.

Try searching for homes that are…  in lively cities like Quezon City, Manila, Marikina, Pasig, or Mandaluyong if you’re looking in Northern Metro Manila, or Makati, Taguig, Las Pinas, Paranaque, or Muntinlupa if you’re looking more Southwards. You’ll love the buzz of these cities, and we’re sure you’ll bring fun of your own!

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The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds - Carousell Philippines

You enjoy exploring outlandish ideas and creative pursuits, but there’s also a sensible side to you. When you’re able to let both sides of you complement each other, you’ll be unstoppable in reaching your goals, home-related or not!

Try searching for homes that are…  in major, rapidly developing cities like Makati or Taguig. Properties here are on the relatively higher end of the cost spectrum as far as Philippines properties go, but they’ve got plenty of profit potential given the cities’ advancements. P.S. Affordable homes are still extremely possible to find!

Browse homes for your homebuyer personality

We hope our property buying quiz has been helpful in your search for the right one. Happy house-hunting!🏡



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