7 Simple Styling Tips For Your Small Space

Getting your own space is an achievement on its own even if its a cramped up apartment or condominium. The next step towards calling a small space your home is to give it a touch of your personality. Now, you don’t have to spend a fortune decorating your space. Styling your home should be easy with these 7 simple styling tips for your small space.


#1: Maximize the use of mirrors.

Mirrors give an effect of a larger space. Have at least one or two large mirrors in your home. Try placing the mirror at the far side of the room or a wide one at the living room. This will give an illusion of a larger space while reflecting more light into your space.

Maximize the use of mirrors - Carousell tips on styling small spaces


#2: Be smart, use smart furniture.

Don’t settle for furniture with only one purpose. Go for furniture which can double its purpose as a phstorage unit. Go for a bed which has a storage underneath or a shelf that can be used as a storage. You could try searching online for secondhand furniture and get the best deal there is.

Use smart furniture - buy secondhand - Carousell tips on styling small spaces


#3: Keep it little.

Keep your space clean and free of clutter. Clutter is everything which does not have much use for in your everyday routine. That vase on your table or that extra shoe rack that you have, take it out. You could also sell it online to free yourself of the clutter and earn at the same time.

Declutter your home by selling items on Carousell - Carousell tips on styling small spaces


#4: Let the light shine.

Utilize the windows to let the light shine in. Proper lighting gives a different kind of freshness and style into a room. Use curtains that are thin and translucent. You could play with colored curtains and let the light do the rest of the decorating.

Let the light shine - Carousell tips on styling small spaces


#5: Choose white, but don’t be afraid of other colors.

White is always the safest way to dress for an occasion or even decorate a small room. It can go with any color, theme, or furniture. However, don’t settle for white alone, try adding one or two more colors to your home decor, this will surely give your plain white some life.

Paint your space in white, but don't be afraid of other colors - Carousell tips on styling small spaces


#6: Play with textures.

Textures may be anything that is rough or smooth. Try adding a carpet at the center of your living room or paintings using mixed media. You could buy a second-hand painting online or you could make one on your own. You could also opt for a wooden dining table set or even a frosted glass door in your comfort room.

Play with textures - Carousell tips on styling small spaces


#7: Change is healthy.

Don’t be afraid to change. Go ahead and edit your decor if you think it’s right. You do not have to stick with a design that’s always bothering you. If you wanted to change the design of your room, go for it!

Change is healthy - Carousell tips on styling small spaces

Decorating your space should not be a hard and expensive task. With these styling tips, you could make your small space, condominium or apartment better, bigger, and brighter. If you are still worried about your room’s design, try adding a plant. You could never go wrong with a plant of course!

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