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Shine a Spotlight on Your Listing

To boost your listing over a longer period, turn to Carousell Spotlight. Secure fixed slots to show your listings to buyers searching for listings like yours. Pay only after buyers click in real time.

Michael Miranda of @iprintadvertisingservices - Carousell Philippines

If you want to be on top, you need to avail the Spotlight feature. It will highlight your business. It will separate you among the competition of others… The return of investment is the sky’s the limit.

– Michael Miranda of @iprintadvertisingservices

Why Spotlight?

Boost your listings over a longer period

Spotlight secures fixed slots for your listings to be shown to buyers searching for listings like yours.

Full control when you use Carousell Bump Carousell College

Full control

Customize to suit your needs: campaign duration, daily click target, and priority placement.

Guaranteed results

We do everything we can to help you reach your daily click target. New! Pay only after clicks are delivered in real time. Spotlight all listings for as low as 20 Coins.

Carousell Coins

Complete flexibility

End your campaign if your product is sold, you’d like to delete your listing, or if you want to change your product category. You only pay for delivered clicks in real time.

How does Spotlight work?

Hit the “Promote” button on your listing, and then “Spotlight” to start customizing the options to maximize your reach.

Check out how you can Spotlight via web.

Supercharge your Spotlight

Carousell College - Spotlight - Priority

Give your business an edge with Priority

Under “Prioritize your Spotlight Ad”, you’ll see how many other Spotlight Ads are running in the category of your choice. Moving your slider allows you to decide how much more you want your Spotlight to stand out.

You can have up to “100% priority” over other Spotlight Ads. Move the slider to see the number of Coins required to secure the most prominent positions

When should you Spotlight?

With millions of listings on our platform, reach is key to your success. A Spotlight Ad works best if you:

  1. Have multiple items to sell and want to advertise for several days at a go
  2. Want to target users who may be interested in your item, no matter which category they are browsing in
  3. Want a constant stream of visibility for a wide range of products.
Carousell College Help

Pro Tip:

Sometimes, it’s a hassle to repetitively buy multiple Bumps and Spotlight. We want to help you with that through our Package.

Package is a new type of visibility feature that contains two separate products, which are bumps and Spotlight.

Your Investment

Carousell Coins

A Spotlight Ad can run from 3 to 30 days, and is purchased using Carousell Coins. You can buy Coins in bulk to earn discounts.

Carousell Coins are affordable

The price of a Spotlight Ad can vary slightly based on traffic and category.

Carousell Spotlight Boost Profits

Strong demand can also cause small increases in price. This prevents too many ads from competing for prominence, and ensures that your listing’s reach is maximized.