Your guide to affordable and reliable aircon services


Believe it or not, air conditioning was once hailed as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. In fact, the aircon is actually one of the very few household appliances that people actually care to service frequently since we’re super dependent on cool air on this side of the world. 

Instead of only going to SM Appliances and the like, there are so many aircon servicing and repair companies in the Philippines for you to choose from. How do you decide which is the best aircon servicing provider to use so you don’t get ripped off? Additionally, how often do you actually need to engage one? Time to go from airhead to air-spert. 

Why you should service your aircon at least once a quarter 

Save on your electricity bills: Cleaning a dirty air filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15% (i.e., if your electricity bill is usually PHP5,000, you can potentially lower it to PHP4,500 and save PHP500). That’s the cost of a good meal! 

Minimize risk of any respiratory problems: An air conditioning unit clogged with bacteria, dirt, and dust can aggravate conditions such as asthma or allergies. If there’s a refrigerant leakage, it can release harmful gases. Best to keep away! 

Signs you need to service your aircon 

  1. Dirt, dirt, and more dirt on your aircon.
  2. Increase in electricity bills even though your consumption is kept constant – the air con is suspect! 
  3. Takes a long time to cool down the room – anything more than 20 minutes is slow. 
  4. Liquid leaking from the aircon, indicating a blocked or damaged pipe. 


[Picture ℅ of @makelovenotwar who had her compressor investigated by the aircon repairman as the aircon was taking a long time to cool down]


How often you need to do aircon servicing 

You should service the main air conditioning unit that you use the most often every quarter. Lesser used air conditioning units can be serviced every 6 months. 

Having one spoilt part within the aircon can adversely affect the other parts, causing the aircon to work less efficiently. So it’s best to service your aircon frequently! 

What can you do to make your aircon last longer

Look at your aircon’s instruction manual to understand the parts we’re referring to below, and always turn off the electricity before you start work. 

  1. Clean your air filter: This keeps the air clean and free of bacteria. All you have to do is remove the air filters and wash the dirt with hot soapy water and let it dry before putting it back in. 
  2. Vacuum your cooling coil and blower: Removing dust and debris from the coil improves airflow. 
  3. Wipe the air vent: Use an antibacterial wet wipe to clean the air vent and clear any debris you spot. 

Doing these simple steps every 2 weeks will keep your aircon performing in tip-top condition. 

For everything else, we recommend engaging a professional aircon servicing provider


What’s included in basic aircon servicing  

Basic or general aircon servicing includes the cleaning of the air filters, brushing of fan blower, disinfecting the water tray, inspecting of aircon fan and cover and a routine check of all your aircon parts (indoor and outdoor units). 

During the inspection, you should check with the provider if you need a gas top-up. This refrigerant top-up is important – it keeps your aircon running efficiently! 

Costs start from PHP300 for an air conditioning unit.  

What’s included in premium aircon servicing  

Premium aircon servicing is more expensive and would include a chemical wash of the entire aircon unit. Each part is dismantled and cleaned with chemicals, getting rid of any algae and rust. The provider will also clean the drainage system so that it is free of blockages and inspect the discharge temperature and pressure of your unit. 

If you live in a condominium or apartment, opting for a premium aircon service would also mean a thorough cleaning of all the dirt, dust and leaves built up on your outdoor unit. 

Costs start from PHP450 for an air conditioning unit with 1 fan coil.

Should you do basic or premium aircon servicing? 

It depends on the condition of your air conditioning unit and how long has it been since you serviced your air conditioning unit. 

If you haven’t maintained your aircon for years – it is advisable to request for a premium service and have the team thoroughly clean your air conditioning unit first, and then clean it yourself in the future. 

If you have been diligent with maintenance after your air con installation, then a regular, basic servicing will do. A good way to save is to sign up for aircon packages with the provider for quarterly cleaning so you get the best bang for your buck! 

If you’re experiencing problems with your aircon – things like water leakage, loud whirring noises, etc, it’s time to request for an aircon repair and not just a regular basic or premium service. 

How long does aircon servicing take? 

Regular maintenance work should take around 30 minutes and can stretch up to about 2 hours if there are more services involved! 

You also need to cater for more time, in the rare event that the provider does not have the parts needed to bring your aircon back to life. 

What to look out for when engaging aircon servicing providers in the Philippines 

Price: The prices we listed above can be used as a guide, and you shouldn’t pay any more than PHP300-PHP550 per air conditioning unit unless you’re requesting for more work, or the air conditioning unit is in dire condition. 

After-service support: If there’s trouble with your aircon within a week of you using it, will the provider come back to have a look again for free? Always good to check if there’s a fee if there are any mishaps, and insist on a 7-day guarantee! 

List of recommended aircon servicing providers 

Don’t be afraid to send them a message to ask for any aircon promotion or if you need help with aircon installation. 

Providers Prices Services 
A&D Koolers Aircon Services


Starts from PHP350 All (Basic and premium aircon servicing and repairs) 
MMV Air-cooler Services


Starts from PHP450 All (Basic and premium aircon servicing and repairs) 
Carwin Aircon


Starts from PHP350 All (Basic and premium aircon servicing and repairs) 
ZAP Pest Management

Starts from PHP550  All (Basic and premium aircon servicing and repairs) with 3 months warranty


Lastly… Prepare for the cleanup 

It’s no surprise that it is going to be a messy affair when you service your aircon. The floor always ends up dirty and wet because of the accumulated dust. A clean rug would be useful to have within the wash area itself so the service person can wipe their feet before stepping out to your living area. 

Pro-tip: Service your aircon on the same day that you are planning to mop your floor or whenever you are going to have a cleaning service come by. 

Aircon servicing is often overlooked till it’s too late. We hope this guide will spur you to take aircon maintenance more seriously 🙂 Happy cleaning! 


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