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Audrey is a marketing associate and loves being connected to the Carousell community. On weekends, you can find her binging her favorite K-dramas on Netflix, or chilling by the beach!

Your guide to affordable and reliable to courier services

Not sure what type of courier to use when you want to have your item delivered? Read on the different couriers you can use depending on your needs.

Your guide to affordable and reliable aircon services

Air conditioning is probably one of the most used appliances in this time and here's a guide on maintaining it with aircon service providers.

Your guide to affordable and reliable home cleaning services

Want a clean house but also have time for yourself and do other things? This is a guide on what to consider when engaging home cleaning services.

Your guide to affordable lipat bahay or moving services

You just found your dream home and you're ready to move, but HOW? This is a guide on what to consider when hiring lipat bahay services.

Your guide to affordable home repairs in the Philippines

What to do and who to call when something breaks down without a warning? This guide will help you with tips on engaging home repair services.

Home services that can be DIY-ed… and which professionals to call...

Broken aircon or chipped off paint in your room? Find out if it's better to DIY a home repair or call in an expert to help you!

How to curate your best listings and sell successfully on Carousell

Ever wondered why some listings take longer to sell while some get inquiries in minutes? Here are tips on what and how to sell quickly on Carousell.

How to sell faster on Carousell – take great photos

Are you on Carousell to declutter your items and make money? Data shows Carousellers that had great photos that were able to sell faster.

How to ace the shopping season in the Philippines

9.9-12.12 is the golden period for online shopping–from great deals to discounts, exciting! Read on how you can make the most out of your hard-earned money

Travel Without Leaving the Philippines: Fun Things to do at Home...

With the Covid-19 situation, we’ve all had to hit pause on our travel plans for now – but that’s not to say we can’t make the best of the situation and feed our sense of adventure even from home.