Home services that can be DIY-ed… and which professionals to call in if it all fails


Maybe it’s the loose door hinge that’s been bugging you all day or the dirty air-conditioner that’s triggering your allergies. After countless tutorials on YouTube and numerous articles on wikiHow… perhaps, you think, it’s time to DIY your next home service project! But you know you aren’t a DIY expert—what if you make it worse? What if you’ve identified the problem wrongly? 

Well, fret not as we’re here with some advice for you before you decide whether to embark on your DIY project (and solutions if it all fails!)


When should you DIY and when should you consult a professional?


Is it worth DIY-ing?

Is it cost-effective to purchase the tools and parts needed for the job? How often will you reuse the tools? Is the project worth your time and energy? 

If those considerations are important to you, read on to learn how we usually decide whether a project is worth DIY-ing!


What can I DIY?


So… to DIY or not?

Clearly, to DIY or not to DIY is far more than just a matter of budget—time, physical effort, expertise, safety, and quality are equally, if not more, important factors. It is precisely this reason that many opt to leave it to professional contractors rather than trying to DIY. After all, with so many home service providers to choose from, it is more than easy to engage high-quality professional services at low rates!

However, if DIY-ing is a therapeutic solo activity or a bonding session with your partner/kids, rest assured that Carousell has the DIY tools you need–brand new or secondhand at great savings.

If you need more guidance on specific home services such as moving, cleaning, renovations, and repair works, check out our Home Services Guides on the Carousell Blog!


We hope that this article has been helpful to your decision-making!


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