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Carousell Top Searched Cars in 2019 - Carousell Philippines Blog

All ready to conquer the road this 2020, we’re here to announce the top car brands for 2019 based on our data compilation of all searches made by customers in the past year. Curious to see which cars were leading the search race last year? Buckle up and we’ll take on the road full tank with these interesting insights rounded up by the Carousell team.

Japanese automotive brands were the top 3 searches on Carousell last year. Ahead of the pack is Toyota as the most-searched auto brand, followed by Honda and Mitsubishi, respectively. It is not surprising that Toyota is the most dominant automotive brand in the Philippines, garnering the Triple Crown Award as the No. 1 car maker in passenger car sales, commercial vehicle sales, and total vehicle sales. Its popularity among secondhand buyers resonates very well as shown by its leading selection on Carousell in 2019.

The two other most-sought auto brands from Japan, Honda and Mitsubishi, are also highly preferred in the Philippines given their decades-long presence in the market, the prestige associated with their cars and the popularity of their SUV models such as the Honda CRV and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. For the adventurous ones who go off-road at times, their most-sought Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) for 2019 are Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda CRV, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

Filipinos’ preference for Japanese vehicles are widely attributed to their reliability, affordability and durability. Since the introduction of front-wheel drive in the Philippine market in the 1990s, Japanese automakers have succeeded in exciting the Filipino car buyers with upgraded classic models that offer optimized interior space and operational performance.

Rounding off the top 5 most-searched brands on Carousell are German cars BMW and Mercedes Benz which most Filipinos aspire to drive. These two brands are key players in the luxury car market and their popularity online shows signs of the booming Philippine economy and the growing luxury car segment.

“Carousell places a high premium on optimum user experience satisfaction whenever our customers use our platform to search for a vehicle that perfectly suits their specific needs,” shared Carousell Philippines Autos Head, Karl Magsuci. “That is why we always ensure that our listings offer the widest selection of vehicle and price options to a full range of buyers.”

Carousell’s auto data report further reveals the most looked up vehicles on its platform in 2019. Completing the top 5 car models searched on Carousell are Honda Civic, Honda City, Ford Mustang, Honda Jazz and Toyota Vios. Most-searched brands for MPV, AUV and van models are Toyota Innova, Hyundai Starex, Toyota Rush, Mitsubishi L300 and Toyota Avanza.

Meanwhile, last year’s top motorcycle searches on Carousell include Yamaha, Vespa, Ducati, Honda and Harley-Davidson. The growing demand for motorcycles as the vehicle of choice is brought by the worsening traffic in the Metro and the need to go to various destinations without the hassle of daily commute. One of the leading motorcycle brands, Honda, recently released a scooter catering to the younger generation of commuters. With its affordable price, the bike sports a variety of advanced smart technology to make the ride safe and improve fuel consumption.

“Carousell’s automotive platform is ready to cater to the motoring needs of the Pinoy auto lovers, whether they are looking for used or brand new vehicles, parts & accessories, motorcycles, and even trucks and other special vehicles,” Magsuci enthused.

The year 2020 promises to be another banner year for the Philippine economy, which is considered to have one of the highest growth rates among countries in the Southeast Asian region. Be sure to be on track by checking out the widest range of listings on Carousell’s automotive section and search for your next vehicle on Carousell.

Carousell Top Searched Cars in 2019 - Carousell Philippines

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