6 Reasons To Buy A Motorcycle

Reasons why you should buy a motorcycle - Carousell Philippines

For most people, the default choice when it comes to getting your own set of wheels is the car. It can take you to your destination conveniently and in comfort. As a matter of fact, for some, being able to purchase their first car is such a significant milestone to celebrate. 

However, with the horrendous traffic conditions we usually experience in the Metro, you might want to consider  a motorcycle or motorbike as your preferred choice of mobility. Here are some reasons why you would want to buy a motorcycle:


Compared to cars, motorcycles are generally more economical in almost every way. They cost only a fraction of what most cars would cost. Scooters like the Honda Beat and the Yamaha Mio have small, fuel-efficient engines that can get you around town using very little fuel. Bigger, more expensive motorcycles like the Suzuki Raider, even with their higher-displacement engines, can still churn out more kilometers per liter than even the most economical cars.

Buying a motorcycle is economical - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog

You also have the option of going for an electric motorcycle which runs purely on battery, therefore, not having to worry about volatile fuel prices.

In terms of maintenance, motorcycles have less parts to deal with compared to cars, allowing for lower maintenance cost and, consequently, more savings.


For most people, navigating through heavy traffic has been a painful reality of their daily commute. However, for most motorcycle riders, this isn’t necessarily true. With a motorcycle, you have the ability to weave through traffic in a way no car ever could. A trip that could take 1 hour by car could just be  a 20-minute ride by motorcycle.

Imagine how much more you can accomplish when you don’t have to spend so much time waiting in traffic. You can have more productive time at work in the office, as well as have more quality time spent with your loved ones at home.

Beat traffic riding a motorcycle - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog


Buying a motorcycle opens you to several business opportunities. Many businesses, from restaurants to flower shops, are in need of motorcycle riders who can make deliveries fast. You can also attach a sidecar to your motorcycle so you can haul loads like water containers and livestock. With the proper registration at your local government, you can also provide transportation for people as a tricycle.

More opportunities to earn when you buy a motorcycle - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog


Pop culture depicts the motorcycle as a modern symbol of freedom. Countless movies have made the motorcycle synonymous with being cool. If you’ve always wanted to feel like the heroes of these movies, you can when you buy a motorcycle. You’re spoiled for choice.  Harley-Davidson choppers are the classic choice. Meanwhile, big bikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa, the Yamaha TMAX, and the Honda Rebel will also get the job done. Or, if you want to get your racer on, Italian bike-maker Ducati might have something for you.

Imagine riding a Ducati motorcycle - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog

While you’re at it, you can even choose to wear a leather jacket or a denim jacket to complete the look.

In the book, ”Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values” Robert M. Pirsig writes how riding a motorcycle gives a unique experience that drives a person to be present in the moment like no other.

Go on off-road adventures riding a motorcycle - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog

In a country as beautiful as the Philippines, you can find out what he meant. There are many breathtaking spots that lie off the beaten path and there are motorcycles that are made for these. With a dirt bike like the Yamaha XTZ125 or a Honda CRF, you can go places most people might never see. Just you, your machine, and the rawness of the dirt road.


If you’ve fallen in love with the motorcycle and all the adventures it can bring you, you’re not alone. There are many people who treat being a motorcycle rider as a way of life, forming riding clubs. Once you’ve joined these groups, you’ll find yourself with road trip buddies, mentors, and support group all at once. You’ll learn the all sorts of motorcycle tips and the best motorcycle shops. Most of all, once you’ll find friends to go on adventures that will last a lifetime.

Join motorcycle groups and go on road trips - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog


With sites like Carousell, you can find motorcycles for sale. More and more people want to experience the power to overcome traffic and dirt roads. All while having the opportunity to earn or go on adventures.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. The motorcycle’s biggest disadvantage when compared to cars is that they’re more dangerous. So make sure to always ride safely if you get a motorcycle. Make proper signals, don’t cut other vehicles, and always wear a helmet. Wear protective protective gear if you must. When it comes to motorcycle riding, always think safety first.

Stay safe on the road with your motorcycle - Reasons to buy a motorbike - Carousell Philippines Blog

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