4 Tips on Cutting Your Own Hair (For Men and Women)

Tips on cutting your own hair DIY for men and women - Carousell Philippines

With how long the quarantine has gone on, there’s no doubt that you’re itching (figuratively and literally) to have your hair cut. Even though salons and barbershops will be allowed to open this General Community Quarantine (GCQ), you might still be wary about going in for a hair cut (and for good reason). At this point, you may already be thinking of cutting your own hair. 

Whether you’re thinking of a trim to keep it under control or if you plan to try a different hairstyle, here are some tips that can help you cut your hair at home: 


1. If you can, get someone else to do it.

It’s easier to cut hair when you can fully see it. When you’re cutting your hair on your own, you have nothing but a mirror or two to assist you. Your view is limited and you’ll need serious hand-eye coordination if you’re going to keep steady hands while cutting your hair. That’s why it would be easier to have someone else do it for you, especially if they have better dexterity than you.

DIY haircut tip - ask someone to help you to reach those hair areas you can't see - Carousell PhilippinesIf you’re quarantining with a friend, partner or family member, ask them to do the cutting for you, or at least on areas of your head that you’re unable to see clearly even with using 2 mirrors. Just be sure to not take it against them if it doesn’t turn out well since they’re not professionals.


2. When in doubt, go all the way or don’t at all. 

There’s a reason why cutting hair is professional work – it’s not easy. Your barber or stylist probably took a certification course before they were allowed into any salon or barbershop. Their work takes steady hands, sharp eyes, and an attention to detail. 

If you feel like you or the person who’s cutting your hair for you isn’t up to the task, you have two choices: wait it out or shave it all off. And if the full-shaven style is not your thing, proceed to the next tip!

Of all the hairstyles, a shaved head is one you can do without too much care and effort. And it has plenty of advantages too: you don’t have to fix your hair. For men, it’s a no-nonsense haircut. For women, it’s a bold choice that lets you express that you’re not tied down by what a woman should look like. In some ways, it’s liberating because whether you’re a man or a woman, it takes guts to rock the bald look.

DIY haircut tip - go all in or shave it all off - Carousell PhilippinesThe alternative is to wait and maybe tie your hair down whenever you can so that it doesn’t get in the way of your daily activities. Depending on the length of your sides, you might have to bear with some itchiness too. But here’s one thing that might help motivate you: you’re giving your regular barber/stylist a chance to make up for the livelihood they lost because of this pandemic. And when you do, don’t forget to tip well. They were hit hard too. 

But if your heart is set on cutting your precious locks and owning up to whether it will be awkward or not, then read on. 


3. Use the right tools

An important part of getting any task done is to have the right tools for it. While there are many hairstyles out there the general barber/stylists’s toolkit has some bread and butter basics. You can either buy haircut kits or go with individual tools based on what you need. Here’s a list to help you get started:

  • Sharp hair scissors

Don’t just take any pair of scissors you find and start cutting. Using a dull pair of scissors will make you more prone to making mistakes. Ideally, if you can find a good pair of hair scissors, then better. If not, then any sharp pair of scissors will have to make do. Around 5.5 to 6.5 inches would generally work for most people.

DIY haircut tip - some hair cutting tools you'll need - Carousell Philippines

  • A comb

While it’s possible to hold the hair you’re cutting in place with just your hands, it’s best to use a comb. It will help you separate your hair strands better and guide your cutting. Besides, combing through your hair can feel like a scalp massage, especially at the end of a haircut. 

  • Hair clips

Hair clips will fasten the longer strands of your hair in place so they don’t get in the way when you’re cutting other parts of your hair. They also give an overall shape to your haircut which will help guide you as you make your way around your head. You may have to use several if the hairclips you have are small.

  • An electric clipper with attachments

The electric clipper is the power tool of the hair-cutting world. While you can try to use an electric shaver, it’s designed for facial hair whereas the clipper is really designed for the hair on your head. The shaver makes easy work of your hair and will make the process much faster. Make sure to use the different attachments well too so that you can have good control over the layers of your hair.

Get your own hair clipper and scissors to cut your hair DIY - Carousell Philippines

  • A straight razor

If you plan to go with the bald look, this is essential. The straight razor will let you shave off the small strands of hair too short for scissors and clippers. Alternatively, you can use a safety razor too though it might not be as precise.

Straight razors you can buy on Carousell Philippines
(Buy straight razors on Carousell)
  • Something to protect your clothes

No matter how fancy a barbershop or salon might be, dealing with the cut hair will always be a problem. While having your haircut, make sure to protect your clothes by wrapping a towel around your shoulders. A barber cape will give you the ideal protection for your clothes.  You can also use a large trash bag by cutting a hole the size of your head as a makeshift cape.

Get a barber's cape for less mess when cutting your hair - Carousell Philippines
(Just one of the more stylish barber capes you can find on Carousell)
  • A large mirror and a hand mirror

If you’re cutting your hair on your own, you’re going to need a mirror in front of you and a hand mirror to see the back of your head.

DIY haircut tip - use 2 mirrors so you can fully see your hair at the back too - Carousell PhilippinesIn case the length of hair you’re trimming off is at least 9-inch long, you might want to consider donating them to various organizations with programs to help cancer patients such as Hair for Hope and Kythe-Ateneo’s Hair2Share.


4. Find a good tutorial

With so many people in need of a haircut,  plenty of personalities have put up guides on how you can cut your hair. From guides on how women can cut their bangs, cutting your hair in layers to how men can give themselves a trim, there’s plenty of content out there to get you through the process, step by step. Check out some of the video tutorials we found below.

To Bangs Or not To Bangsss…. hair color tips….

Posted by Lourd Ryan Ramos on Sunday, March 29, 2020

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With that, you have everything you need to cut your hair at home. How bad can it be? Even if you end up with something awkward, don’t worry. Almost everyone is in an awkward hair phase right now. And if ever, don’t forget: “It will grow back.”


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