Earth Day 2020 During COVID-19: Improving Environmental Impact While Staying Home

Earth Day 2020 - How textile production and waste affect the environment - Carousell Philippines

Have you seen the clean canals in Venice? The clear skies in India and China’s industrialized cities? Yes, the rubbish, pollution, and smog are gone. And that is just one of a few upsides we get from COVID-19 – the return of beauty to Earth. So this Earth Day, we want to talk not about sustainability per se, but about how little actions like staying home and decluttering, don’t just improve your well-being, but the Earth’s too. 

In fact, during the circuit breaker, you might have already figured out several ways to pass the time while stuck at home. Cooking and baking for 100% control over the food you eat, working out to keep active, and of course, clearing out your closets and storerooms for a showroom-worthy house you never thought you had.


Taking action on my preloved clothes

I sorted out my wardrobe over the weekend, and I took out a bunch of clothes that were stuffed way at the back, clothes that haven’t seen light in approximately 3 years. 

At the time of purchase, it never dawned on me that I’d stop liking them one day. I’ve had some really special moments in these clothes, like first dates or celebrations. Throwing them away, when they are still in good condition, would only seem like an absolute waste! Donating them seemed like a good alternative – until I read that only 8-10% of donated clothes charities receive are re-sold for funds, while the rest end up in landfills.

Plus, bet you didn’t know that clothes these days are pretty much made of plastic! Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are basically plastic and take much longer to biodegrade. The result? Bigger landfills than ever.

Here’s how textile production and waste affect our environment:

Earth Day 2020 - How textile production and waste affect the environment - Carousell Philippines Blog


So, how can I rid my clothes and yet be environmentally friendly?

I decided to sell about 10 pieces of my mint-condition preloved clothes on Carousell. That would take me roughly 30 minutes, out of the full 24 hours I spend at home these days! Although I won’t be able to earn back what I spent, it’ll at least help me recoup some losses.

I’d also feel at ease knowing that my preloved clothes will be worn by someone who needs it more than I do, and not just end up being waste, just like sweet wrappers!

And of course, I can still support local charities or hospitals by donating a portion of what I earn on Carousell! I recently donated to the Lung Center of the Philippines as they are in need of Personal Protective Equipment. My donation can be used to purchase PPEs for our frontliners battling COVID-19. You can definitely donate too

I might not be the biggest advocate for Earth Day, but seeing the mess at home go down, not having my nice clothes go to waste, and earning a little extra pocket money is definitely rewarding. And I’m sure it will be for you too! All this just adds up to an additional bonus of a more beautiful Earth to travel on, when overseas holidays are back in season 😉

(Article by Audrey Martinez from the Carousell team)


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