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Tips on finding online work and working from home - Carousell Philippines

Besides the health toll, economies have taken a hit from the pandemic. As a result, many people are sadly losing their jobs or are in “no-work, no-pay” situations. If you find yourself in such a situation, know that you are not alone and hope is not lost. Despite being in an unprecedented global disaster, we are also in the most technologically-advanced age in human history. If you’re reading this, chances are you have access to a device that has access to the internet. That already opens you up to many jobs and opportunities. All you need is to know what you can do and where to look.


Part I. Online jobs and opportunities

The world has been rapidly shifting towards remote jobs and this pandemic has only sped that process up. If you’re new to the world of online jobs, here are some tips to help you get started in finding work that suit you.


Share your organization and communication skills

People live busy lives and some are juggling so many things that they need someone to lighten the load. This has given rise to virtual assistants who help bring order to the chaos. All you need for this job are organizational skills and the ability to communicate effectively. Being able to write and speak well are definite pluses.

Apply for a telemarketing or customer support agent online working from home - Carousell Philippines

Besides this, you can also consider telemarketing, which is basically working as a sales agent online. If you think you have the charisma to get people to see your point of view, then give this a shot. Just make sure that you have a place where you can make calls and take calls undisturbed.


Flex your creative talents

No matter what age we live in, there will always be a need for people who can communicate well and tell stories. Creative work, content writing and graphic design, are jobs that not everyone can do. It takes a special eye to know what colors go with what. It takes a way with words to know how they can flow together well. If writing or graphic design is your passion, then you have a skill that can help you earn.

Graphic designer online jobs are also available if you want to work from home - Carousell Philippines

If you’re an artist, you can offer commissions for people. If you paint, you can also put your pieces on sale on sites like Carousell. If you make it big as a painter, the things you sell on Carousell now might be collector’s items at high-level auctions in the future. Could you be the next Benedicto Cabrera?

But don’t think those are the only creative options. Even singers can find opportunities online. You’ll never know unless you look. Make sure you post your services on Carousell so that people can find you!


Use your tech know-how

Not everyone picks up on technology at the same pace. To some, it can even be a little intimidating and will need help. If you’re someone who’s very patient and willing to help others understand things, then maybe you can do customer support. Like the telemarketing job, just make sure you can take calls undisturbed.

Another tech-related skill you can use is programming. It’s one of the most marketable skills in the world, especially today. If you know programming languages such as Python or Node Javascript, or if you know how to develop mobile apps, then you’re in a good place.

Work as a programmer working from home - online job - Carousell Philippines

Remember, information technology (IT) is a very broad field and with it comes a broad range of opportunities in tech too. As with creatives, make sure you’re on Carousell so that potential clients can find you.  


Teach what you know

No matter the season, there are always people who want to learn. Perhaps more so now with so many people being stuck at home and having a lot of free time on their hands. You can make use of online sites like Carousell to advertise the things you can teach. Sure, there are many instructional videos and tutorials online. However, the best way to learn is still by having a good teacher. 

Here are some of the ways you can be a teacher or consultant for others while online:

Who knows? Gain enough of a traction and you can maybe even start a Youtube channel which is another earning opportunity.

Be an virtual or online teacher - Carousell Philippines

You can also apply to be an online language tutor. One of our greatest advantages as Filipinos is that many of us are multilingual, being able to speak both English and our native tongue. English is still one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world and many foreigners want to learn it. This is why there are many companies that now offer jobs where people can teach English online. 


Be an online seller

One way to earn more is to also sell things you make. If you’re a good baker, why not sell pastries like cookies and cupcakes online? If you cook, then maybe it’s time the world tried your dishes. Carousell has an entire category dedicated to homemade delights. It might even be your chance to take off in the food business.

But that’s not the only way. With all the time you have on your hands, this is your opportunity to go through your things and see what you don’t need anymore. The preloved market is huge and ripe for opportunity, especially now during the quarantine. And with sites like Carousell, you’ve got lots of opportunities to sell your preloved items.

To inspire you, here’s one success story: a Filipina named Jhocen who goes by @happyfindsmnl on Carousell was able to earn Php 10,000 from selling her preloved clothes and vintage items on the site. Despite her job at an events company being at a standstill due to the pandemic, she’s found a way to pick herself up and earn a living. You can too.

@happyfindsmnl earned Php 10,000 by selling items on Carousell

Look around your house. What are the things you don’t use anymore? Do some decluttering if you have to. Clothes you don’t wear, books gathering dust, toys your child has outgrown all of these are waiting for a new owner. You might surprise yourself. After all, the best way to put preloved items you don’t need anymore to use is by selling them on Carousell.

Become an online seller to start earning from home - Carousell Philippines


Part II. How to get the best opportunities

Now that you know there are options out there, it’s time to seize the opportunity that’s best for you. If you’re new to the world of online jobs and remote work, have no fear. In terms of tech knowledge, you only need the most basic understanding of computers and the internet at the bare minimum. Everything else boils down to the right attitude and skills that are applicable in any job. 


Stay sharp

If you were recently let go at a company or have no opportunities or are in a “no-work, no-pay situation,” it’s natural to feel bad. Give yourself time to process how you feel. However, don’t stay there. 

Once you’ve done your processing, it’s time to get back in the game. Just because you’re not working doesn’t mean you should let your skills get dull. If the job you want involves writing, you write. If the job you want involves talking to others via video calls, practice speaking in front of a mirror. If your job involves music, practice. Work on tech? Review what you know and research the latest methods. 

As the ancient Greek poet Archilochus once said, “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” To keep training yourself and improving is to keep fighting.


Be open

Countless Zen proverbs praise the value of being “empty” and what this means is it’s important to be open. With so many opportunities out there, focusing on just one kind of work (or the work you previously held) might limit you to better opportunities. Maybe you’ve always seen yourself as the shy type, but you’re actually an excellent teacher, for example. 

If something looks both lucrative and doable, at least give it some thought. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and if the answer sounds like something you can recover from, then give it a try! You might find a hidden calling. 

Worse comes to worst, you might be in a job you’re not entirely happy with, but helps you stay financially afloat. Don’t be afraid of holding a job until something better comes along. Pride in what you do is important but surviving financially is a valid reason to set it aside. As the poet Max Ehrmann put it, “Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.” 


Do not throw away your shot

One of the worst things you can do to yourself is deny yourself opportunities because you think you’re not good enough. This ties back to the idea of being open. Part of being open is taking the question “What if I’m not good enough?” and also asking “What if I AM good enough?” 

As Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 


Own your moment

In every job interview and qualification test, give it your all. You wouldn’t want to look back at any moment in your life and think you could’ve done more but chose not to. 

If you have a job interview coming up, think of what you might be asked and practice how you would answer. Questions like “What are your weaknesses?” or “Why should we hire you?” are asked at some point in almost any interview. You can research the best ways to answer these questions, especially in light of work from home. 

While you’re at it, plan your outfit. The last thing you want to do is to lose focus before the interview by agonizing over what to wear. Make sure it fits the culture of the company you’re applying to. Are they classic corporate or are they more of a shirt and jeans crowd? Shop around Carousell for a stylish top that can help bring out the best in you, and give your interviewers a good impression. While you’re at it, shop for jeans and even accessories to go along with your ensemble. Even if your whole outfit won’t be completely seen on camera, if your entire look makes you feel great, it will show in your smile and how you speak. 

If you have a qualification test coming up, prepare yourself. Study or practice beforehand. That way, when it’s time to take it, you’re confident knowing your skills and knowledge are as sharp as they’ve always been.

Ace that virtual job interview by preparing for it just like how you'd do it for an office job - Carousell Philippines

Finally, always be confident. No matter how high in status the person interviewing you or grading your test is, act like you’re meant to get the job. Tell yourself “This person wants to work with me as much as I want to work with them.” That can make all the difference. 


Keep going

Rejection is a given in life. Even if you follow everything above, rejection will always be a possibility. Maybe they were looking for something specific and found it in another candidate. Perhaps they’re looking for someone less experienced because they cant’ afford someone with your rank yet. Or you could simply have had a bad interview and your interviewer also happened to be in a bad mood. 

Whatever the reason, it’s okay to feel bad about rejection. Everyone gets rejected at some point in their lives. It’s inevitable. But after you’ve given yourself time to recover, get back up. Think of what you can improve on. 

Regularly check sites like Carousell for job opportunities. You’ll never know what companies are looking for people to join their team. You may also check our own Carousell Careers page for job openings within our team.

Keep growing and keep going. Even in times as uncertain as these, grit, more than ever, is needed. Good luck!


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