Things You Can Let Go When You Welcome The New Year

Christmas has finally come, and bid us a merry goodbye! It left us with warm cheers, photos from all the holiday gatherings, decorations to pack up, and Kris Kringle gifts from different groups of monito and monita. Ah, yes – the gifts. After all, it is the season of giving! There’s something about the season that makes everyone kinder, warmer towards each other, and generous. While we appreciate the gifts we receive this holiday, there will always be items which we know, at first glance, won’t be used.

If you have been in this situation once or twice (or every year!), you know what it feels like. There is an inner dialogue on how to best address the matter because we do appreciate the thought and effort behind the gift-giving, that is why we want it to be used — even if that means letting it go. Or better yet, selling it online on Carousell.

In Marie Kondo’s wise words, keep the things that spark joy in your life! Time to make space for new joys in your life by decluttering, starting with the items to sell that might be sitting on your closet for far too long.

Let’s begin!


Novelty Items

Novelty items bring out the child in all of us. With its out-of-the-box and often unusual nature, novelty items bring the laughs and childhood memories. They are favorite collectible items, and good conversation starters. Think pens with a unicorn head, socks with quirky designs, mugs of different shapes and sizes, themed earrings, toys that light up, and so much more randomness in an object.

Unicorn pens - novelty items on Carousell - Carousell PH Blog

Like the name implies, novelty comes from novo, the latin word for “new”. However, even the new things eventually become familiar. Eventually, the novelty wears out, and you are left with items that are random and impractical to keep.

Themed earrings - novelty items on Carousell - Carousell PH Blog

Good thing you can always opt to sell them! So, pass on that charm and make someone’s day by setting up your Carousell account today. Do it for space, do it for you. 😉


Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore

When it comes to gifts, people generally go for clothes as it is an everyday necessity, practical and useful given that they are of the right size. Sometimes though, you would receive a pair of jeans or a shirt that are sizes too small or too big.

Declutter clothes that don't fit anymore and sell them on Carousell - Carousell PH Blog

These can also pile up over the years when one outgrows them. Fortunately, as easy as they can serve as gifts, clothes can easily be sold online! Especially this season when people are planning to revamp their fashion style + OOTDs. Check out Carousell on ways to start your digital secondhand shop!


Books Nobody Reads

Are you guilty of accumulating a lot of books, but do not have the time to read all of them? The Japanese have a phrase for that. They call it “tsundoku.” The writer Umberto Eco says it’s alright to have a library of books one might never read. For him, it serves as a humbling reminder that there will always be more than what one knows. If you’re not a big fan of building what he calls an “anti-library” though, why not sell them?

Declutter books you no longer read and sell them on Carousell - Carousell PH Blog

Maybe your relatives bought your books in the past because you’re a bookworm who once devoured books voraciously. Perhaps you’ve been amassing books but never really quite found the time to read them. Or maybe you just have leftover books from the time you were once obsessed over a certain topic or genre. Whatever your reason, books don’t do much good by gathering dust on shelves. They might be better gifted to people seeking to grow their own libraries.

Take a good look at your books. Which ones do you really plan to read? Do you have multiple copies of the same book because a relative gave it as a gift but didn’t know you already had a copy? Do you have books you think have served their purpose in your life and you think can move others in a similar way? Why not sell these books on Carousell?


Items From An Old Hobby or Habit

People like to say it’s never too late to start something new or pick up something you have held off for a while. Senior citizens run triathlons. Middle-aged blue collar workers study law. Perhaps this is why some relatives like to give hobby items as gifts. Maybe you’re a former athlete or musician who no longer has time to play. Or maybe some relatives were trying to get you into crochet or knitting, but it is just not working for you.

Declutter music instruments you no longer use and sell them on Carousell - Carousell PH Blog

From music, to sports, to collecting figurines, there are countless hobbies out there. You are allowed to try as many as you want. There is no limit, but ideally you keep an eye on your growing number of items! But even these can be opportunities for you to earn! A lot of hobbyists go to online shops and seek out materials – this a chance to help them out!

And there you have it! These are just examples of what you may have lying around the house. With all the gifts we receive during Christmas, it pays to make time and room for what’s no longer necessary. Especially with the new year coming, letting go helps one welcome the year with more focus.

We are excited for you to start decluttering and earning through Carousell. What items are you planning to let go in preparation for the new year?


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