7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

In light of the recent health situation in our country and all over the world because of the Coronavirus, we are faced with a situation where we’re forced to work or stay at home, which none of us have expected and wished to arrive. This includes early closure of school too, which means one thing — the kids are home, it’s time to get busy!

Whether you have experienced a house full of top level energy that can only come from curious, fun-loving, and adventurous kids, or have yet to, knowing how to keep them busy and entertained during day 1 of school-free weekday is a life skill.

Here are 7 things you can do with your kids at home that will guarantee a day filled with fun, laughter and smiles. Let’s begin!


#1: Create structure with a daily schedule 

Create structure with a daily schedule - Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

Setting a to-do list that your kids can follow during the weekdays is essential in providing them a sense of normalcy during a long period of staying at home, and instill a habit of productivity that will contribute to their study/work ethics. Let them join in creating the to-do list of the day to allow inclusivity and ownership in each task. Balance their schedule and allot time for learning, art, and most importantly, play.


#2: Maximize use of online homeschool materials

Maximize use of homeschool materials online - Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

School closed on a weekday? No problem! There are tons of helpful websites that offer learning tools for free use such as Scholastic Teacher and BrainPop. You can also check out websites such as Udemy, Tynker, Outschool, Creativebug and Discovery Education for paid options that offer a higher level of online education for your kids.

These learning materials require no past teaching experience, so you can most definitely set up a homeschool arrangement for your kids in the meantime. Maybe even let the take on the teacher role for a day! This is a great way to unlock your kid’s potential while having fun in the process. Get her/his first blackboard on Carousell at a quality and affordable cost!


#3: Get crafty with them 

Create and get crafty with them - Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

Paint, dance, play music, sing a song together, or even build a DIY project that you are so familiar with thanks to your early middle school Home Economics subject! There is something so beautiful in creating with your hands that your kids would surely appreciate even at such an early age. Level up your crafty afternoon by teaching them how to sew! Choose from the various arts and craft materials that you can find on Carousell that are high in quality, and low in price!

We also found this cool idea for a project for you and your kids – stop-motion videos! Here’s a tutorial on how to get started. It’s fun, creative and will definitely keep them busy.


#4: Read, read, and read

Read, read, and read - Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

There is a book lover in every kid given the right book and time. Now is definitely a good time to acquaint your kids with your favorite childhood books – chances are, they will also enjoy the stories you did when you were little. Aside from growing their vocabularies, reading also promotes creativity and better imagination. Your kids are in for an adventure with every page! Encourage more reading by starting a mini library for them with these children’s books that your kids will surely enjoy.


#5: Set up a weekend storytelling or mini performance 

7 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

Create a space where your kids can express themselves creatively and artistically — in the most fun way ever! Schedule a time on a weekend where the family can get together while they give a mini performance — this can be a mini concert, a scene from their favorite book, a snippet from their favorite Disney movie, or their own story! This will also boost their confidence in the long run. Help them get into character more by letting them choose from these adorable costume selections that are of your money’s worth! Or maybe even get them these musical toys that they can learn and perform with.


#6: Learn a new recipe every day

Learn a new recipe every day - Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

Are you ready for your Masterchef junior? Set a goal to accomplish one easy, kid-friendly recipe with your kids! Spaghetti with hotdogs? Check! Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting? Check! This can also be an early (and fun!) introduction to a healthy meal-prep  skill that will benefit them greatly. Teach them the value and importance of a balanced meal that caters to both their cravings and health, all while strengthening their immune system. Get your kid’s first cooking materials on Carousell!


#7: Educate them on ways to maintain a strong immune system

Educate them on ways to maintain a strong immune system - Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home - Carousell Philippines Blog

A classic, timeless and forever relevant way to build and maintain a strong immune system is to exercise proper way of hand washing. Teaching your kids how, in the manner that they will appreciate and understand best, will help retain the information to them. Watch the video below to see how a teacher explained it to her students.

This is also a great time to teach your kids the benefits of exercise or being physically active. It doesn’t just help in strengthening their bones and muscles, but the habit of exercising at an early age will also aid them in maintaining good health as they grow up. And while you’re all stuck at home, this can help balance the use of gadgets.

Here’s a video of a fun cardio workout that you can do with the whole family:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Being able to spend quality time with your kids is a gift, and one thing you will miss the most when it is time for them to carry on these activities to their own little ones in the future. So hug your kids tightly everyday, and enjoy these fun-filled activities with them today. Stay safe, healthy, and well.


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