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How to Buy a Resale Condo in the Philippines on Your...

Take this as the complete guide, from how to sieve through your shortlist to reserving the condo unit and finally signing on the dotted line.

6-Step Guide on Buying Your First Car (Philippines)

So, you’re getting your first car, so exciting! Buying a car comes with a lot of things to prepare for. Check this guide.

Benefits of taking a home loan in the Philippines

One pivotal milestone in every Filipino’s life is achieving the dream of having one’s own home. Home loans can help you achieve your dream.

How to Plan Budget for Your Rent (Philippines)

They say you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your income on rent. Here's a guide on how you can tweak your budget based on your lifestyle.

Best first car suggestions for every new buyer

Hi there! Thank you for taking our "What kind of car fits your lifestyle?" quiz and computing your estimated car expense our Budget Calculator....

Car Budget Calculator: How much can you afford?

Did you know that the true cost of owning a car doesn’t end in paying for the vehicle? In reality, there's actually a lot...

Quiz: What kind of car fits your lifestyle?

Unsure yet which car you should get? Here’s a friendly tip: knowing what motivates you to buy a vehicle is the first step to...
homebuyer personality quiz

Property Buying Quiz: What’s your homebuyer personality?

The most common priorities for Filipinos looking to buy a property are price and location. Take the property buying quiz below to find out...

Benefits of Buying Property during COVID-19 (Philippines)

If you've been in the market for a new home but hesitant to buy property during the pandemic, this might just change your mind.
Financial Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Purchase Your First Property - Carousell Philippines

Buying Your First Home: 4 Questions to Financially Prepare for It

Buying your first home in the Philippines? Here are some of your money-related property questions, answered.