2021 popular cars on Carousell Philippines

2021 Most Popular Cars on Carousell (Philippines)

Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year?🎄  We say definitely, especially for car buyers! What’s not to be excited about? Aside from...
How to Negotiate for Best Car Prices in the Philippines - Carousell

How to Negotiate the Best Car Deal in the Philippines

If you're planning on buying a car, here are negotiation tips for you to get the best price and car deals in the Philippines.

Best car for a new driver: What features should you look for?

So you’re a new driver and decided to buy your first car, finally. Congratulations! With hundreds of models being marketed to us daily, we...
The New Motoring Normal in the Philippines - Carousell Philippines

Car Driving Tips in the New Normal (Philippines)

If you are driving to work, or running errands, or even just buying more essential supplies, here are things you need to know. Stay safe out there!

Car Budget Calculator: How much can you afford?

Did you know that the true cost of owning a car doesn’t end in paying for the vehicle? In reality, there's actually a lot...
Useful apps for car drivers and owners in the Philippines

10 Must-Have Apps for the Filipino Driver

You have probably heard of the saying, “There’s an app for that!”. With smartphones basically being part of our modern-day lives 24/7, it would...
Give Your Car an Upgrade this New Year - Carousell Philippines Blog

Car Upgrade Tips: Makeover Your Ride in Style

Need ideas on how to upgrade your car? We've got tips for you and all of them, you can buy on Carousell! Give your car a fresh new look with these tips.
Philippine Car Brands’ Responses to the Enhanced Community Quarantine - Carousell Philippines Blog

Car Brands’ Responses to ECQ (Philippines)

Maintaining and paying for your brand-new car should be the least of your worries during these uncertain times. See how car brands are helping you out during the quarantine period.
LTO services available during the quarantine period in the Philippines - Carousell Philippines

LTO Services During Quarantine Period

Want to know what LTO services are available for car owners during the quarantine period? It's time to catch up on your car’s paperwork. Welcome to the New Normal.
Toll fee price list in the Philippines

Expressway Toll Fees in the Philippines: How Much Are Toll Fees and Other FAQs

Road trips are a great way to travel the country. When you’re hitting the road in some way in the Philippines, you’re probably going...